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Load Studies

Quanty, Energy in kW, voltage and current peak demand.

Ground Testing

LEM Insulation Monitor 2_edited.png

Earth resistance. 2-point, 3-point fall of potential.

UPS Acceptance 


UPS Load Bank test, transients, block, harmonics, full burn.

Generator Acceptance


Generator Load Bank test, transients, block, harmonics, full burn.

Variable speed drive_edited1.jpg

Variable Speed Drives

output waveform, output peak voltage, input power quality.


Power Quality Investigation

Quality, Voltage stability, transients, unbalance, frequency, harmonics.

Torkel 720.jpg

Battery String Testing

constant voltage, constant current.

Variable speed drive_edited1.jpg

Infrared Inspections

Temperature Delta Differential inspection with dynamic data base reporting.

Line Isolation Monitor

Operating room, hospital isolation transformer verification.


Motor Evaluation

Inrush, voltage, current, resistance.


Harmonics Acceptance Testing

Voltage, Current total harmonic distortion with FFT graphs.

Hampden EQ Potential.png

Equal Potential

Equal potential testing is to verify there are no two points in a room where the person is at risk of an electrical shock due to different potentials in the grounding.

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