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Data Logger Rentals, Energy Audit Rental Equipment, Power Analyzers & Meters | PQ Testing



PQ Testing & Rentals, Inc. specializes in services, equipment rentals and sales related to Power Quality, Load studies and Infrared Inspections. Also ultrasound measurements, motor current evaluations, baseline vibration measurements, grounding inspections, and electrical acceptance testing.

Let our team of Certified Power Quality Engineers provide services or equipment for power system analysis and problem identification. We are Level II certified in infrared thermogrophy, and use new FLIR equipment to inspect your facility. Here is a sample listing of areas where we can assist you:

Engineering Services

  • Load Studies work accepted by AHCA, voltage, amperes, kW, kVA, kVAR, PF
  • Power Quality Investigation Voltage Sags, surges, transients, flicker, in-rush, energy, voltage unbalance, harmonics, peak voltage & current, frequency
  • Ground Testing three point fall of potential, lightning rods, clamp-on-loop ground
  • Harmonics Acceptance Testing variable speed drives, filters, reactors, baseline up to the 64th harmonic
  • Motor Evaluation static tests, inductance, impedance, capacitance, resistance, inductive balance, dynamic motor current analysis
  • Generator Acceptance output power quality, frequency, transfer switch timing
  • UPS Acceptance input/output power quality, DC bus voltage & current, harmonics, transients, peak
  • Variable Speed Drives input power quality, rectifier timing, output peak voltage and dv/dt timing, motor evaluation
  • Infrared Inspections Level II certified, electrical inspections, water intrusion, air leakage
  • Battery String Testing constant load testing, conductance measurement, bad cell identification
  • Electrical Acceptance Testing dielectric withstand, insulation resistance, ground systems, equipotential, LV & MV cables and circuit breakers
  • Vibration Baseline Testing vibration severity, bearing condition, rotation speed, temperature, pump cavitation

  • Dranetz Hand Held Disturbance Analyzer 4300, 4400, PX5
  • Dent Instruments Elite Pro Power Logger
  • LEM Ground Tester GEO30 ground loop, Unilab GEO X, Handy GEO
  • LEM Insulation Tester Unilap ISO5kV dielectric absorption, insulation resistance
  • LEM Micro Ohm Meter D3700
  • Torkel Battery Tester constant current or load


PQ Testing & Rentals, Inc. was founded in 1998 by Warren Diehl an Electrical Engineer and certified power quality engineer by the Association of Energy Engineers. With over thirty years of power quality experience in central Florida and a half of million dollars in equipment, PQ Testing was off to a great start. We are the only entity in the Southeast, which can perform 70 load studies on different circuits simultaneously. We also have twenty Dranetz portable disturbance analyzers to measure power quality at the same time. Our company philosophy is to provide our clients high quality electrical testing services, customized and tailored specifically for your needs.

We evaluate your testing requirements and offer you different technologies geared towards maximizing your knowledge and profits with facility management.

PQ Testing has been providing technical support for over ten years. We have the experience and knowledge to instrument and test all your electrical components.

Since '98, PQ Testing has become accepted for AHCA load studies at many hospitals, monitoring and metering for facilities ranging from government installations to plants where power quality is a concern and as third party verification acting between Utilities and their customers. PQ Testing and Rentals list of customers show the confidence placed in their skills. These include the following:

Disney, NASA, Harley Davidson, AT&T, Universal Studios, Florida Power, FP&L, TECO, Winter Park Utility, Ocala Electric, JEA, GRU, OUC, Florida Hospitals, Verizon Wireless, Motorola, Kennedy Space Center, Mac Dill AFB, Square D, ABB, Ring Power, PowerWare UPS, and many others.
Clients & Projects:
Universal Studios
Investigated and analyzed power quality issues...

Nielson Media Center
Performed the acceptance testing of a new multi-million dollar data center. The system...

Sarasota Hospital
For government requirements, 47 power loggers recording voltage, current, kW, kVA, kVAR, and power factor for thirty-day load study...

Four Seasons Resort
Metered the utility feeder and resort subsystems p resulting in revenue savings...

Channel Partner
Ring Power - Generator Acceptance Testing. Power Ware - UPS Acceptance Testing. Square D - Harmonic VFD Acceptance testing...

More examples...
Data logger rentals, energy audit rental equipment, power analyzers & meters from a leading energy audit and power quality engineering company, PQ Testing and Rentals, Inc. For industrial and commercial energy audits and testing, load studies, ground testing, harmonics acceptance testing, infrared inspections, and custom analysis call us at 866-715-4333 | 352-429-3926 with our HQ in Florida.