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Let our team of NICET credited and certified power quality engineers, be your solution for power system analysis and electrical testing. At PQ Testing, we offer Electrical Testing and Engineering services. We specialize in power quality, load studies, infrared inspections, and ground testing.

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Power Quality Load Studies
Power Quality Investigation

Voltage Sags, surges, transients, flicker, in-rush, energy, voltage unbalance, harmonics, peak voltage & current, frequency.
Load Studies

Work accepted by AHCA, voltage, amperes, kW, kVA, kVAR, PF.

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Ground Testing Harmonic Acceptance
Ground Testing
Upto three point fall of potential, lightning rods, clamp-on-loop ground.
Harmonics Acceptance Testing

For variable speed drives, filters, reactors, baseline up to the 64th harmonic.

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Motor Evaluation Generator Acceptance
Motor Evaluation

Static tests, inductance, impedance, capacitance, resistance, inductive balance, dynamic motor current analysis.
Generator Acceptance

For output power quality, frequency, transfer switch timing.

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Variable Speed Drives UPS Acceptance
Variable Speed Drives

For input power quality, rectifier timing, output peak voltage and dv/dt timing, motor evaluation.
UPS Acceptance

For input/output power quality, DC bus voltage & current, harmonics, transients, peak.

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Infrared Inspections Battery String Testing
Infrared Inspections

Level II certified, electrical inspections, water intrusion, air leakage.
Battery String Testing

For constant load testing, conductance measurement, bad cell identification.

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Clients & Projects:
Universal Studios
Investigated and analyzed power quality issues...

Nielson Media Center
Performed the acceptance testing of a new multi-million dollar data center. The system...

Sarasota Hospital
For government requirements, 47 power loggers recording voltage, current, kW, kVA, kVAR, and power factor for thirty-day load study...

Four Seasons Resort
Metered the utility feeder and resort subsystems p resulting in revenue savings...

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Ring Power - Generator Acceptance Testing. Power Ware - UPS Acceptance Testing. Square D - Harmonic VFD Acceptance testing...

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Commercial energy audits, industrial audit services and engineering for buildings, factories, hospitals, etc. Power quality analysis, energy and electrical testing including load studies, ground testing, harmonics acceptance testing, infrared inspections, battery string testing and custom project analysis. Call us at 866-715-4333 | 352-429-3926 with our HQ in Florida.